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Expect the Unexpected trends.

Updated: May 30, 2019

Some years back, while I was working in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India, there was a leading tabloid named MID-DAY. The famous tagline for the Mid-Day tabloid was EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED. Now looking at the business scenario, I always remember the same, "expect the unexpected", how fast the business dynamics are getting changed. Some years back, the United States of America was the largest oil importer, and their interest in this carbon energy was quite famous all over the world. Now they are the largest oil exporter in the world. The biggest oil producer, Saudi Arabia, is going to build the biggest solar power plant in the world. China, being the largest working force in the world, is investing the most significant money for AI and Automation process. So we have to sit and evaluate what are the unexpected things we can expect in our business arena.

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