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  • Why do I need a business coach?
    The Business managers are always busy with their business activities, the activities need lot of attention and follow-ups and they hardly get the time and patience to design, develop and execute a training program for their team members, A business coach who is experienced with business knowledge and operations would be the right choice for a training.
  • Can I get a tangible and measurable result from this business training?
    Definitely Yes! We design our training as a problem-oriented model. We sit with the managers and understand the problems or the need for the improvements in an organization. We nurture the skills and experience to overcome these problems thru learning and development,such that you get tangible and measurable results.
  • What is the Pedagogy used for the business coaching?
    Business coaching is part of a continuous learning process that lasts a lifetime. The adult education pedagogy is very different from child training. In order to make the training more acceptable to adults, we use various training methodologies in our workshops. We discuss case studies, invite the employees to share their experiences and knowledge with their peers, provide more knowledge background, peer to peer learning, hands-on experiences, etc.
  • What is the effectiveness of business training in my organization?
    According to the Kirkpatrick model, the business training outcomes have five different stages, The first will be the satisfaction levels; where all the employees are satisfied and happy with the training and its content. The next stage is the learning level; the participants learn the concept and its practices in their daily life. The third stage is the impact level; how the training impacted them in the work, quality, and productivity. The fourth stage is the result; we have designed the training with some clear objectives in our mind, so at this stage, we can see the results starting to come. The last stage is the ROI stage where the organization starts to get the financial benefits and results on their training investment.
  • What is the fee structure for the training?
    For your business, this is the most affordable investment you can make. As the programs are taken in groups, the cost will be very reasonable per employee. We encourage you to send us an email to discuss a plan that suits your needs and to learn more about our courses.
  • How can we engage a business training?
    For any training requirements/discussions, the organization needs to contact the M / s Judy Thomas; we will connect with the organization and understand the training needs and provide a training proposal that both parties can discuss, customize and finalize.

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