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Logistics & Shipping Training

With Our Expert-Driven Logistics & Shipping Training

Turn Your Entrepreneurial Dream into Reality

Your gateway to comprehensive training in shipping and logistics. Whether you're starting a general trading business, looking to import or export from UAE or the GCC market, or anyone keen to learn the art and depth of shipping, our courses are designed to provide you with the expertise and knowledge needed to thrive.

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About Our Training

Our logistics and shipping training program, based in Dubai, is uniquely designed to serve the Middle Eastern and African markets. We provide tailor-made, step-by-step procedures, which are meticulously designed to help anyone interested in physical trade - whether it involves export, import, or buying and selling between different countries. With the insights from our trainer's 20 years of international trading experience, you get the chance to learn from the best in the industry.


Who are into Export, Import & Global Trade


Employees of Trading Organizations


Who wish to launch their career in Trading 


Who wish to become an importer/exporter

Who this training is for

Your Comprehensive Guide

We've crafted this training as a reference guide for anyone already in the trading industry or those aspiring to pursue a trading career. Our detailed background explanations ensure you understand the concepts clearly. The processes are narrated meticulously, and we provide specimen documents for easy reference.

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Key Topics Covered

Shipping Documents

Learn about the necessary documents required for international shipping and how to handle them effectively.

Freight Forwarding

Explore the intricacies of freight forwarding and how it facilitates global trade.


Get a detailed overview of the logistical aspects of global trade and learn how to manage and optimise them.

Letter Of Credit

Understand the mechanism and importance of letters of credit in international trade.

Import, Export, Cross Trade

Understand the fundamental principles and dynamics of global trade, including exporting, importing, and cross-trading.



Understand the importance of procurement and sourcing in trading, and learn effective strategies to ensure the best deals.


Discover how warehousing plays a critical role in the trading industry and learn about efficient warehouse management.

Cargo Insurance

Gain knowledge about cargo insurance, its importance, and how to choose the right coverage for your trade.


Gain insights into International Commercial Terms (Incoterms) and how they govern international trade.


Enhance your knowledge about the trading industry and learn how to excel in this highly competitive field.

Trade Contract

Learn the art of drafting effective trade contracts that protect your interests and foster long-term business relationships.


Learn about effective distribution strategies for successful trading operations.

Sneak Peek into Our Online Course

Want to get a taste of what our training program has to offer? We've got you covered!


Check out our course below for "International Trading 101", a comprehensive online course available on Udemy. Hosted by our renowned trainer Dr. Judy Thomas, this course serves as a fantastic introduction to the world of international trade.

Ready To Dive In Deeper?

Get in touch with our course lead, Dr. Judy Thomas, for a free consultation.

Discuss your business, your goals, and discover how this course can provide a substantial impact on your success in international trading.

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Master the Comprehensive Aspects of Modern Trade & Logistics

  1. Customs and Regulations: An understanding of customs duties, regulations, and procedures in different countries is vital for smooth international trade.

  2. Risk Management: Dealing with different types of risks such as political, economic, and environmental in international trade and strategies to mitigate these risks.

  3. Supply Chain Management: A broader understanding of how supply chain management works, and its importance in logistics and shipping can be beneficial.

  4. E-commerce in Global Trade: As more businesses are going online, understanding e-commerce logistics and shipping could be valuable.

  5. Sustainable and Green Logistics: As sustainability becomes more critical, knowledge about eco-friendly logistics and supply chain practices might be beneficial.

  6. Trade Finance: A module on trade finance, discussing different instruments used, could be useful for those interested in the financial aspects of trading.

  7. Digital Transformation in Trade and Logistics: With technology playing a major role in every industry, it's important to understand how digital transformation impacts trade and logistics.

  8. Negotiation Skills: Since trading often involves negotiation, training on effective negotiation skills could be beneficial.


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